90 – Munchkin Cats Vs. Old People

We discover the world of munchkin cats and find out what kind of health conditions they may or may not have (besides being unhealthily cute). We also discover the world of old people and find out about their health conditions (like chronic Death Syndrome).

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Not quite a munchkin cat.

Not quite a munchkin cat.

59 – Exercise Vs. Cuteness

Quentin gives us some quality exercise tips with help from his friend Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also learn what getting “swole” means, why people think things are cute, and what would make you want to cuddle a spider.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pumping Iron clip

Vsauce video on cuteness

Interactive cuteness maker

Cute little girl

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42 – Cannibalism Vs. Twitter Wars

Based on popular demand, we tackle the touchy subject of eating each other. Find out about some famous cannibals and what would make us eat people. Then learn about some recent celebrity Twitter feuds and what to think of this Chris Brown character.

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Artist’s rendition of a man cannibalizing a rabbit.

34 – Creationism Vs. TV is My Parents

We take a fair and balanced approach to presenting both sides of the evolution/creation tards debate. Learn why monkeys decided to evolve into us and how all of creation must have been created because we call it “creation.” Then hear how Quentin was raised by his television, what black shows we watched as kids, and which U.S. presidential candidate wants to kill Big Bird.

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Bill Nye the Science Guy teaching kids evolution on TV.


12 – Phones Vs. Animals

Quentin thinks he likes phones but it’s really just because he likes girls and that is the main way he communicates with them. Hear about his best phone moments and some of his favorite phone-related lyrics in this episode (for some reason). Then we shift gears and discuss our histories with animals, the morality of eating meat vs. having pets, and three creepy animals.

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“Ahoy hoy! Dog speaking.”