28 – Envy Vs. Who is Chris?

What is envy?  Is it jealousy or something more? It turns out we’re not sure even though we probably experience too often. Find out who we are (and are not) envious of in this episode. Then get inside my head as Quentin asks me some hard-hitting questions such as “which animal would you like to be?”

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A young Justin Timberlake looking as sexy as ever.

14 – Reading Vs. Cereal

Get ready to hop on the reading rainbow as we discuss what we read, how we read, and ways to get better at reading. Then prepare for the cereal rainbow with a story of Cap ‘n’ Crunch commitment and the best childhood cereals. Plus, we debate some hot-button issues surrounding cereal like soggy vs. crunchy.

A hearty non sarcastic thank you to HooplaNet for their kind words about us on their last episode. You can hear it at http://www.hooplanet.co.uk/2012/05/sarcast-england-seven

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My eternal regret is that we didn’t talk about reading the back of the cereal box in this episode.