105 – Oceans Vs. Recluses

In this edition of The Sarcast, we learn about the ocean from Quentin, who is an ocean expert after having heard of Jaws and having watched Free Willy more than once. Find out some ocean facts like how high in sodium it is. Then, I talk about how I’m now living up to my full recluse potential. Plus, our thoughts on the pudding scene in this week’s Walking Dead episode. Plus plus, our thoughts on the new characters on Girls in this week’s episode of that show.

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A big reclusive whale.

A big reclusive whale.



10 – The Beach Vs. Social Anxiety

We talk about the beach and we talk about our experiences with social anxiety. Find out (among other things) why Quentin thinks sand is good for sex and how my (Chris’s) anxieties have made me wet in multiple ways.

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The panda is the mascot of social anxiety because they are shy creatures and they are self-conscious about their weight.