46 – Last Week’s Show Vs. News

Ah yeah, yet another episode that goes longer than we planned. Get nostalgic about last week’s episode of The Sarcast when I tell you what moments were overlooked and my thoughts on how the topics went. Then get Quentin’s thing of the week which I hijacked for my own purposes. Also, the topic of the news with no mention of actual current news.

The clips Quentin played: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fnKwMt_wpc


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I can make fun of Fox News because some of my best friends are Fox News anchors.

I can make fun of Fox News because some of my best friends are Fox News anchors.


31 – Macaulay Culkin Vs. Vegetarianism

Find out if Quentin is still a virgin!

If that’s not exciting enough, learn about the great thespian Macaulay Culkin and what he’s been up to since his role as Mila Kunis’s fuck toy. Then we shift gears and I tell you about vegetarianism and we make jokes and stuff.

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A cow seen here not wanting to be eaten.

12 – Phones Vs. Animals

Quentin thinks he likes phones but it’s really just because he likes girls and that is the main way he communicates with them. Hear about his best phone moments and some of his favorite phone-related lyrics in this episode (for some reason). Then we shift gears and discuss our histories with animals, the morality of eating meat vs. having pets, and three creepy animals.

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“Ahoy hoy! Dog speaking.”